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Steve Capp is a passionate, experienced and self-motivated entrepreneur and business strategist. In 2009 Steve was in a terrible car accident where he lost a good friend and was severely injured. Bound to a wheelchair for 3 months, Steve knew he needed something to help him recover mentally and physically. Through yoga training, he gradually increased his core strength and progressed to calisthenics and acro yoga which enabled him to still enjoy his adventurous sports such as snowboarding and mountain biking. Steve is now a certified acro yoga instructor and full out fun fitness enthusiast. Creating Fitfest has given him an outlet to let Canadians know about all the benefits of being physically active. Steve also encourages trying new activities with your family and friends in hopes of finding passion in fitness. 

President and Founder


Dale Manaj has over 15 years of Executive and Corporate hands-on experience in the fields of operations, marketing, sales, human resources, finance and project management.

Dale holds a diversified background and range of experience with start-ups and scaling companies quickly and efficiently from experience gained by working with some of Canada’s national brands in the Hospitality and Gaming sectors.

Dale has helped open and project manage, over 25 businesses with budgets totaling over 100 million, and generated over 150 million in managed revenue.

Dale is very excited to be a part of the Fitfest movement and will use his drive, expertise, and passion to help the vision and movement of Fitfest grow into a thriving brand.


Cheif Executive Officer


Lori Aguinaldo is a Chartered Professional Accountant by trade and has worked primarily in the restaurant industry. Her expertise lies in financial reporting, financial analysis, and budgeting and forecasting. She is also a Canadian team leader, corporate event trainer and speaker, and has served as a board member with a US-based health food company. She is passionate about fitness. She enjoys weight training, yoga, attending group fitness classes, and spending as much time as possible hiking in the rocky mountains in the summer.



Event Development Manager



Edward Langer has managed over 30 million In advertising dollars. For award-winning and global companies such as Shell, Infiniti, Finning Cat, SMS equipment, Tip Top Tux, All Weather Windows, Volkswagen, Denny’s, to name a few. Edward Langer has been offering communication services to the public for over 12 years. His early career was spent traveling the US and Canada in the men’s dress garment industry for 6 years for notable brands such as Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis and Ecko unlimited.  Ed is utilizing all of his strengths and focusing them on the Fitfest movent. He is here to ensure we follow through with our mission as we continue to grow.

Director of Marketing


Shelagh Paton has been involved in the Fitness industry for many years. She has extensive training and experience in fitness competitions, bodybuilding, dieting, business development and brand development. Connecting with Fitfest has given Shelagh a creative outlet and well as the opportunity to utilize her extensive network to help improve the lives of Canadians. 

Event Development Manager


Josie Buenaventura has been passionate about business development, CrossFit, nutrition and living life to it's fullest since she can remember. This unique experience and driven outlook on life provide Josie with the ideal skills to thrive while helping to build the Fitfest Movement. 


Event Development Manager

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Dr. Rodel Sicat is trained as a primary contact health care practitioner. Dr. Sicat has his BSc in Organic Chemistry and post-secondary education, trained as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University. He has been practicing for over 15 years and is trained in all therapeutic and rehabilitative care. Dr. Sicat works on acute sports injuries and chronic pain care. His extensive experience with pre and postnatal care as well as motor vehicle accident rehabilitation and workers compensation claims has left him with a passion for keeping people fit. He has seen time and time again how critical physical fitness is to recover and quality of life. 

Corporate and Medical Aquisition

Adam Dawson, BBA, is leading the Corporate Vision and the team strategist in Edmonton. Working closely with the management team, Adam provides valuable advice to reach their business and personal goals. Adam earned his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He is currently completing his MBA & CPA. Adam has numerous years of experience in estimating, project management, financial reporting, sales, and leadership. His experience, leadership and other key areas of focus help ensure his clients have a sound strategy for the future. Adam loves fitness and this is a major contributor to his success. Adam enjoys weight training, boxing, and hot yoga; each bringing their own unique benefits to his fitness plan. Adam is excited to voice his passion for this great movement. Pht

Corporate Strategy Consultant