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Steve Capp is a passionate, experienced and self-motivated entrepreneur and business strategist. In 2009 Steve was in a terrible car accident where he lost a good friend and was severely injured. Bound to a wheelchair for 3 months, Steve knew he needed something to help him recover mentally and physically. Through yoga training, he gradually increased his core strength and progressed to calisthenics and acro yoga which enabled him to still enjoy his adventurous sports such as snowboarding and mountain biking. Steve is now a certified acro yoga instructor and full out fun fitness enthusiast. Creating Fitfest has given him an outlet to let Canadians know about all the benefits of being physically active. Steve also encourages trying new activities with your family and friends in hopes of finding passion in fitness. 

President and Founder


Indie Capp was born into the Fitfest movement in August of 2017. She immediately influenced the decisionmaking of the founder of Fitfest. The events were quickly changed from ages 16+ to include all ages of attendees. Indie has been working hard to build the strength and knowledge to become an intricate part of the Fitfest movement. She has displayed a passion for fitness by first doing backflips off of her father's knees at 4 months of age. She now boasts an array of physical activities from foot-to-hand balancing, acro yoga, and speed walking. Indie aspires to play an important role by inspiring Fitfest attendees to continue education on living a healthy, conscious lifestyle. She also proudly encourages people to try new activities at any age or fitness level. 


Head of Inspiration


Mikey Singer is a creative, passionate and result-oriented professional with over 20years experience in the marketing industry. Proven management, sales and marketing skills. Extensive experience in event and project management at the national level within strengths media buying, Public relations and social media promotion. Adept at assessing client needs and achieving clients’ marketing and promotional goals. Proficient in sales and team management, strong networking skills, practical problem-solving skills, works well in group settings, self-starter, experienced public speaker, a strong sense of business optimization, and task prioritization.

Senior Event Consultant & Sponsorship Director


Adam Singer is a consistent leader with a reputation for skilled negotiating and cutting-edge marketing strategies. But his hallmark is his uncompromising integrity in tenaciously protecting his client's interests. Thanks to his exceptionally loyal clientele, personal referrals and repeat business from the onset of his career Adam is able to ensure efficient and complete service to you.


Sales Director

Shelagh Paton has been involved in the Fitness industry for many years. She has extensive training and experience in fitness competitions, bodybuilding, dieting, business development and brand development. Connecting with Fitfest has given Shelagh a creative outlet and well as the opportunity to utilize her extensive network to help improve the lives of Canadians. 

Event Development Manager


Josie Buenaventura has been passionate about business development, CrossFit, nutrition and living life to it's fullest since she can remember. This unique experience and driven outlook on life provide Josie with the ideal skills to thrive while helping to build the Fitfest Movement. 


Event Development Manager