Steve Capp is an experienced and self-motivated entrepreneur and business strategist. He offers a multifaceted background in the fitness, real estate, business development and in advanced electronics industries. In 2009 Steve’s accident left him wheel chair bound but only for a short period. Through yoga training Steve gradually increased his core strength to move on to calisthenics and acro yoga which enabled him to still enjoy his adventurous sports such as snowboarding and mountain biking. Steve is now a certified acro yoga instructor and full out fun fitness enthusiast. Creating Fitfest has given him an outlet to use all of his past experience to grow a business in which he truly finds passion.

Co-Founder and Director of Operations

2J Pantoja is part-passionate and part-addicted to the art of movement. He does local and international workshops and is known to bring adrenaline to live performances. 2J shares his movement as an instructor and a motivator of over 300 students in his home athletics facility, the FlyFree gym. He has been featured in many media outlets and brings an energetic vibe to events as an entertainer or an emcee. 2J is known in the fitness industry from his explosive athletic abilities in both Calisthenics and Parkour community. In 2017 2J joined the Fitfest organization and brings to the table many attributes such as sales, marketing and event experience.

Director of Marketing